Who is the Best Financial Advisors in New York City?


New York has more monetary consultant firms than some other city in the U.S. New Yorkers have the benefit of picking among different firms that offer a wide scope of administrations. With such choice, in any case, comes a thorough checking process.

Finding the best budgetary counselor for your one of a kind circumstances is among the most significant money related choices of your life and you would prefer not to leave any stone upturned. Our group of scientists has limited the run down to the top consultants in NYC to assist you with settling on your choice.

The Best Financial Advisors in New York City, Near You:

• Best for High-Net-Worth Individuals: Snowden Lane Partners

• Best Robo-Advisor: M1 Finance

• Best for Portfolio Diversification: KLS Professional Advisors Group

• Best Mobile App: Betterment

• Best for Customized Approach: Steward Partners Investment Advisory

• Best Portfolio Analysis: Personal Capital

• Best for Families: Estabrook

• Best for Finding Custom Financial Advisors: SmartAsset

• Best for All Income Levels: HFH Planning

Best for High-Net-Worth Individuals: Snowden Lane Partners

Snowden Capital Advisors (SCA), the parent to Snowden Lane Partners, is one of the top money related counselors for high-total assets people, organizations, and good cause situated in NYC. It normally expects customers to hold at any rate of $100,000 worth of benefits when they open a record. SCA gives an abundance of both monetary exhorting and arranging administrations, including stock portfolio the executives, venture counseling, domain arranging, and the sky is the limit from there.

As an autonomous firm, SCA gives tweaked answers for every individual financial specialist without predisposition toward a specific item, store, or speculation class. Even though its administrations aren’t appropriate for people with venture accounts worth under $100,000, SCA gives a one-stop-shop to everything high total assets people may require in regard to deal with their benefits.

Best Robo-Advisor: M1 Finance

M1 Finance is the most productive and consistent Robo-counselor you can use to develop your ventures and deal with your cash. You can put resources into stocks, trade exchanged assets (ETFs), or partial offers for nothing. Make your own modified speculation portfolio or look over master portfolios. You can open individual, joint, IRA, and even trust accounts.

Try not to have the opportunity or skill for manual exchanging? M1 Finance permits you to mechanize stores on your own calendar and will keep your portfolio allotment on target with dynamic rebalancing.

You can likewise acquire cash at a low-loan fee — as low as 2% — when your record balance hits $10,000. M1 Finance additionally offers FDIC-safeguarded, no-expense financial records. You’ll even meet all requirements for a 1% money back platinum card and a 1% APY on your financial records offset with an M1 Plus record.

Best Financial Advisors in New York City
Best Financial Advisors in New York City

Best for Portfolio Diversification: KLS Professional Advisors Group

With more than 30 years of experience overseeing resources, KLS is one of the longest-standing budgetary counsels in New York. KLS centers around offering individual and customized types of assistance to people with an extremely huge measure of benefits under their influence.

From domain wanting to portfolio the board and even prenuptial prompting administrations, KLS gives almost every kind of monetary arranging and venture exhorting administrations. KLS utilizes a full group of contributing specialists, with every one of its areas of expertise headed by a prepared master around there. Its level expense and hourly-rate structures guarantee that you won’t feel forced into a specific ventures class for an operator’s bonus.

Best Financial Advisors in New York City
Best Financial Advisors in New York City


Best Mobile App: Betterment

Advancement’s versatile application brings cash to the executives and contributing to the tip of your fingers. Advancement dissects your funds and asks you inquiries to comprehend your budgetary objectives, chance resistance, and courses of events. Next, it will suggest a specialist picked a portfolio that is reasonable for your requirements.

Its speculation portfolios are worked by Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, and Betterment. If you need more control you can generally pick to make your own. You can utilize your venture portfolio to put something aside for retirement when you open a 401(k) or IRA account.

Improvement additionally offers FDIC-protected, no-charge individual and joint financial records total with a contact less plastic. Yearly charges for contributing beginning at 0.25%. Even though you can move up to an excellent arrangement for 0.40% yearly, which will get you boundless access to Betterment’s group of money related consultants.

Best for Customized Approach: Steward Partners Investment Advisory

Steward Partners is money related to arranging and venture the board administration offering customers both charges based exhorting administrations and all-out budgetary administration. You can decide to leave the entirety of your benefits in the possession of a Steward Partners’ counselor you can talk with one of its money related arranging specialists for help and direction when you need it.

The organization works with both high total assets people and those with fewer resources under administration, however, you will require at any rate $25,000 worth of advantages for open a record. Its remarkable contributing stage is adjusted by Raymond James Financial Services, one of the biggest speculation banking firms on the planet.

Best Financial Advisors in New York City
Best Financial Advisors in New York City

The Best Portfolio Analysis: Personal Capital

Individual Capital’s honor winning money related apparatuses assist you with checking your total assets, track your ventures, examine your income, make a spending plan, and put something aside for retirement. Individual Capital’s innovation will dissect your venture portfolio as per your budgetary arrangement. It will assist you with the monitoring danger, execution, and even suggest objective resource allotment only for you.

Need a much progressively customized touch? You can talk with an enlisted monetary counselor the same number of times as you need when your record hits an equalization of $100,000.

Contingent upon the size of your benefits, yearly charges can go somewhere in the range of 0.89% and 0.49%. This expense is comprehensive so, you won’t be accused extra for talking about a consultant, exchanging or utilizing money related following devices.

Best for Families: Estabrook

Estabrook’s principle center as speculation the board administration is expanding the family office model to bring down total assets financial specialists. This implies it gives bunch encouraging administrations to entrepreneurs with various accomplices inside 1 family or to different recipients who have salary through a legacy or a trust.

Not at all like other family office suppliers, you don’t have to have millions in advantages for open a record with Estabrook — its base resource incentive to open a record is $100,000 for its wrap program. While Estabrook probably won’t be the most ideal decision for singular financial specialists or those whose speculations aren’t assembled with their family, its remarkable model can be particularly profitable for entrepreneurs.

Best Financial Advisors in New York City
Best Financial Advisors in New York City

Best for Finding Custom Financial Advisors: SmartAsset

Locate the privilege money related guide to get ready for your future. SmartAsset’s foundation interfaces speculators, prospective retirees, and retirees with money related consultants from the nation over.

As the main extensive answer for effectively and safely matching speculators with budgetary counsels, SmartAsset gives you free and secure access to the monetary counselor commercial center and sources consultants that are correct explicitly for you dependent on your area, resources, and individual inclinations.

Answer a short study regarding your readiness for retirement, speculation style, and contact data, so SmartAsset’s calculation can coordinate you with the best budgetary consultant for you.

Best for All Income Levels: HFH Planning

HFH Planning is a monetary arranging administration for financial specialists of all pay levels. Not at all like most other money related guides in New York City, HFH Planning centers not around the affluent yet those with a middle salary. It offers both the standard administrations you’d anticipate from a benefit the executive’s organization (like portfolio the executives and domain arranging) with social insurance cost arranging, school educational cost arranging, and retirement administrations.

Its expense structure starts with an hourly rate to make your optimal contributing arrangement, at that point changes to a level charge dependent on the level of your advantages you have under administration. This permits HFH to give speculation exhortation without an irreconcilable circumstances.

Best Financial Advisors in New York City
Best Financial Advisors in New York City

Often Asked Questions

Q: Do monetary guides check your credit?

An: A monetary guide isn’t required to check your credit except if you need them to. A budgetary consultant can assist you with improving your FICO rating on the off chance that it is a zone of worry about you.

Q: Can I converse with money related counselor for nothing?

A: Most money related consultants won’t charge you for the principal conference. When you choose to contribute with them, extra discussions are normally likewise for nothing out of pocket.

Q: Do I need money related consultant for retirement?

A: You can in any case resign without a monetary counselor, however working with an expert can at last assists you with accomplishing your objectives, setting aside your time and cash.

Working with a Financial Advisor in NYC

The privileged budgetary consultant or monetary organizer can facilitate the weight and vulnerability that accompanies overseeing ventures. They can help you plan an arrangement, streamline your expenses, accommodate your family, and put something aside for retirement. Working with money related counsel would assist you with feeling certain about accomplishing your present moment, and long haul objectives.


To decide the top monetary counsels in New York City, we pored through all SEC-enrolled warning firms who have an office in New York City. To winnow down the rundown we is just included counsels who were enlisted guardians, had no previous exposures, and have insignificant individual irreconcilable situations. To additionally separate the rundown to the genuine top guides in the territory, we offered weight to counselors that offer both ventures the executives and arranging, have no irreconcilable circumstances, have workplaces in different states, have a wrap expense program, and have over $50 million in resources under administration.

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